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'We're the famous derby county and we're off to wembley' in São Paulo watching derby on TV ! Congrats lads!…
@Directioner - May 13, 2014
Look how excited Gabe is that Sunderland won.
@Anna - March 27, 2014
Cat walk. Slick talk. Flirtin with them BIG dogs. Why I need his millis when I got Billy on the speed dial. #bangerz http:/…
@keyy❤️ - Feb. 24, 2014
This little boy has been through it A tv fell on his head and broke or fractured every bone in his head #prayforAdain ht…
@Chelsea✨ - March 9, 2014
Female Israel soldiers faking injuries for TV News!!! The entire world must see this. #FreePalestine
@Timage Ahmed - July 14, 2014

What happened that day?