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Special gift from #NIKE Korea thank you always Merry Christmas 
@なつき~ん - Feb. 10, 2014
Let us all take a moment silence & pray that all passengers will be found & safely return home. #PrayForSouthKorea http://…
@Benjamin Pieter Otta - April 16, 2014
Ini dia foto #6packSelfie di #PGA2014 bareng @Dsinathrya dan @corbuzier. Show your 6pack guys!!!
@Lita ʚ♡ɞ - April 6, 2014
Jung Chawoong sacrificed himself to save his classmates. today was his birthday. R.I.P #PrayForSouthKorea…
@R V ♥ O L A F(≧∇≦)/ - April 17, 2014
Baby Elephant playing at the beach for the first time in his life
@토끼 리트윗 엑스칼리버 - April 14, 2014

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