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Haha. I love u #Beliebers. What should we google? Lol
@Bizzle✌ - March 15, 2014
Happy 1st birthday theo! Love you,have a great day buddie! Remember the day u were born very well. #HappyBirthdayTheo ht…
@ε ℓ ι ч - July 16, 2014
Won 34 mil in the March 1st Powerball ! Giving $1,000 to everyone who retweets this
@Kent Butts - March 5, 2014
Read this... My 14 year old brother wrote this... Crazyyyy
@Scary Kerry - Feb. 26, 2014
Someone did something different with their hair today..
@Isa Figueroa - March 20, 2014

What happened that day?