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4 years ago I stood there and auditioned for the Xfactor, can't believe we just played 3 nights in that stadium! http://…
@sophie. - July 23, 2014
Thank you lads ,we've had a great time so far, you are family to me now , not just band mates ! Love you…
@4 YEARS - July 23, 2014
Tweet this link - with #CamsRoomTour for a follow (: give the video a thumbs up 😘☺️
@nashty_hotboys - July 23, 2014
ITS TIME! Here is #HappyLittlePill! hope you guys like it!! Available on iTunes 25/07/14! Love you …
@Alex Ramos is bae - July 23, 2014
Still following people that thumbs this video up and tweet it with #CamsRoomTour ☺️
@PLEASE CAMERON - July 23, 2014

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