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Watch my new YouTube video! Give it a thumbs up if you like it ☺️ #CashNewVideo
@brooke - July 8, 2014
In less than 24 hours this place will be full of Lovatics!!!! VANCOUVER ARE YOU READY?!?!?! #NEONLIGHTSTOUR…
@zenah.g - Feb. 22, 2014
uploading this on our youtube channel in the next 2 hours 😜✌️🎥 #5sosTheLostTapes
@Jenna Dammacco - May 29, 2014
8 years ago today, the FIRST episode of Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel!
@Ashley Verble✨ - March 25, 2014
EATING POOP? New YouTube Video! RT this tweet and use the hashtag #CartersNewVideo and I'll follow a…
@Jas - Feb. 27, 2014

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